Finally…home in Thailand!


So nice to come back home to Thailand! The food is the best and fresh so I am very happy. This year is unusually cool and I didn’t expect that. About 60 or 70 degrees which is quite cold for Thailand. But very nice for people like me and my husband, as we are used to cooler weather in Vermont.


While in Thailand. my husband with some people about expanding into real estate sales and rentals in Thailand. We also discusses Internet marketing and how we could work in both Thailand and the USA. Condo rentals and sales are very active in Thailand right now, so it’s a good business to think about.

Enjoying Thai food

Of course, I am still determined to find the proper place to open my small cafe in Vermont. Over the past couple years, we have looked at many places but either the permitted uses would not allow for a food business or the locations were either too small or too big. It may take awhile, but when I find a place to open, it will be a great one!

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My name is Kae and I was born in Thailand. I was trained as a chef at a prestigious hotel in Bangkok. After that, I owned and sold several seafood restaurants in Thailand. In 2012, I came to the USA and opened a Thai catering business which led to a full restaurant.

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