Making Chili My Own Way!

Although I'm well known for my Thai cooking, I can also cook Italian, American and even Mexican style dishes. This time, I wanted to create a healthy dish that would taste great, be low in calories and have lots of tasty vegetables. Chili was the answer and this is what I came up with. … [Read more...]

Chef Kae LOVES Stowe, Vermont!

I think Stowe, VT is one my favorite places on earth. It is a cute little Vermont town that has a lot more going on than you would first think. When I first came to Stowe, honestly, I didn't know what was so special about it. After all, it looked just like many other small towns in Vermont that I had seen before. As a Thai chef, I think that what first caught my … [Read more...]

Chef Kae Finds the Perfect Pizza at Piecasso in Stowe, VT

I love to cook at all kinds of food in addition to my Thai favorites. In the past couple years, I have learned how to cook American dishes, Italian and even Mexican foods. many recipes to remember inside my head but that's ok. Today, I talked with my husband and told him I would like to start sharing my experiences on my website. He agreed that this would be a great … [Read more...]

Kae’s Back in the USA and Cooking Again!

After a month in Thailand, Kae is energized and back in the USA ready to do what she does best...cook Thai food! We are working on another Udemy Thai Cooking Class for her but visitors to her website can get access to the current course, free of charge (for the first 50 people)! Please take a moment and post a good review for Kae. This will help her a lot and assist with … [Read more...]

Finally…home in Thailand!

So nice to come back home to Thailand! The food is the best and fresh so I am very happy. This year is unusually cool and I didn't expect that. About 60 or 70 degrees which is quite cold for Thailand. But very nice for people like me and my husband, as we are used to cooler weather in Vermont. While in Thailand. my husband with some people about expanding into real … [Read more...]