What You Need to Start a Business at Home Right Now

Making money onlineSome of the things you will need to start your in home business are a good computer that you can easily work with. A mobile phone is fine for Facebook and social media but for creating great web pages you really need a laptop or home computer.

1. Get a professional website. Don’t be cheap. A good website is the most important of all!

Your website is the center of everything you will be doing to run your home business online. It is like the center of a wheel and everything from the outside should come to the center. That means you should have a very good website first, with good content and a way to capture e-mails. A blog is also very helpful and if you’re selling items directly you will need a good shopping cart. If you are serious about business, get a professional website designed. You can also get free websites but be aware that often what you get for nothing leads to nothing!

We recommend using WordPress as a website because it is the easiest to learn and use. If you want to sell online, you might want to look at the Ecwid shopping cart which can be added directly into your WordPress website. Ecwid is FREE if you are only selling up to 10 items!

2. Sign Up and Use Social Media

The next things you will need are social media networks. Start with Facebook and create a business page (this is different than your personal page!) and some group pages to encourage others to promote your business. A Twitter account should be the second social media network to add, and then YouTube, Instagram and perhaps Pinterest.

Tip: Pinterest is mostly used by women who are interested in jewelry, shopping, clothes and all the things that women love. If you are marketing to women, make sure to include Pinterest at the top of your social media list.

Once you have a website and all of your social media set up and linked within your website, you can start promoting. Note that promoting with social media is free and you do NOT have to pay for advertising (unless you want to).

3. How I make money at home with my online business

I am very lucky! My husband owns a professional Internet company that can design websites and do everything on the web. When I started my Thai Catering business, his company built an online ordering system that would let people order and pay for their food online and come and pick it up. His company was one of the first in the world to offer something like that. I made a lot of money with online orders for my catering business and then my restaurant a year later.

One day, my husband suggested that I post Thai Cooking lessons online but I wasn’t sure if it would work. I decided to try and now I have almost 2000 students and very good reviews. I also sell other people’s online courses too and make some money from that. Making an online course takes time and is not easy but if you want to make money faster, you can sell other people’s courses and make money and use your website and social media to get a commission. Maybe you want to try blogging, which I am also doing now.  I also use ads from Google and other places on my website. When people click on my ads and buy something, I make a commission. So that is what I do to make money from my online business!

4. Don’t buy something that sounds fast, easy and says that you do not need to to do any work!

But I will tell you that if you are lazy and expect to get everything free, you will not make much money at all. There are many people on the Internet promising big money, easy money and little work. If you believe that, then you will have nothing! Only the people who sell you something easy for big money will have your money, and they will be rich!

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My name is Kae and I was born in Thailand. I was trained as a chef at a prestigious hotel in Bangkok. After that, I owned and sold several seafood restaurants in Thailand. In 2012, I came to the USA and opened a Thai catering business which led to a full restaurant.


  1. Thank you sister for so much good news! I want to make my money at home and I don’t like working for companies so much. I did not know how to start so I think this will be very good for my life. I did not know all of this but will talk to my husband tonight because I need to start now. I like to read more!

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