If You Can Dream, You Can Have

When I came to the USA for the first time I talked to people about a job. Many of them worked at stores and restaurants but my English was not good enough for me to apply. Also because I was a business owner in Thailand, working for others was not my dream but I tried to do my best. But, I still never gave up on my dream to have my own business in the USA.

One day, I woke up early in the morning and asked my husband to go to the store and buy a wok for me. It was in the winter but I had crazy idea to sell food in front of my house, along the main road, like people do in Thailand.

My husband thought it was a crazy idea!

I told him that if I did not try, I would never know if it would work, so he said “ok, why not see what happens?” and he went off to work at his job.

Cooking Thai at home

Then something really good happened that I didn’t expect. So many people stopped to buy Thai food that it created a traffic jam in front of my house! If you would like to know more about this whole story, I will be putting something on my blog very soon.

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My name is Kae and I was born in Thailand. I was trained as a chef at a prestigious hotel in Bangkok. After that, I owned and sold several seafood restaurants in Thailand. In 2012, I came to the USA and opened a Thai catering business which led to a full restaurant.

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